Student Welfare

The Student Welfare Program is supported by the School’s Wellbeing Team, which is comprised of the Deputy Principal, Transition Co-ordinator, Student Counsellor and Student Welfare Worker. The program is voluntary and provides social and emotional support to all students. Support can include guidance around developing positive relationships, student welfare, referral to external services, one on one study support, career identification and resume writing.

The Student Welfare Program also manages The Crib, which is a fun and safe inside environment for students to ‘hang out’ during recess and lunch where they can make toasties, tea, coffee and milo. A microwave is also available for students to heat their own food. Students gather to meet friends, watch DVDs, listen to music, play games and informally chat to the Student Welfare Worker. This space is also used for formal supervised study, as well as one on one support with the Student Welfare Worker.

The Student Mentor Program is a valuable initiative whereby a student is linked with an adult from the local community who shares similar interests. The adult and student meet on school grounds for approximately one hour per week. The role of the mentor is to offer support, encouragement, optimism and hope. The mentor’s extensive knowledge and experience acts as a sounding board for students to explore ideas, set goals and problem solve.