Student Pathways

Implementing effective career and transition programs are key strategies to improve student engagement and school completion. Edward John Eyre High School prides itself on support provided for students in their pathway planning, early identification of students at risk of disengaging or leaving school early, and allocation of additional support for individuals.

Our programs aim to educate and inform students about employment and education options, whilst encouraging students to consider their future and develop their skills to effectively manage their careers and pathways throughout life. For further information about courses and programs offered at Edward John Eyre High School, please visit the Curriculum page on our website.

We know the importance of identifying and building upon student interests and talents as they explore what further education, training and employment opportunities they might be interested in pursuing in the future. We offer excellent individual career counselling to increase motivation and student engagement. The transition of data and information across the 8-12 Alliance strengthens the ability of our staff to understand the diverse needs of the student population, allowing students to make a successful transition through to senior secondary education and beyond.

Moving between schools can be an exciting and challenging time for young people and their parents. At Edward John Eyre High School, we are aware of these new challenges and strive to make the transition between Year 10 and Year 11 as smooth and pleasant as possible. We believe that students feel safer and develop a much stronger sense of belonging if they are familiar with the school, its students and a number of teachers before they arrive in Year 11. As such, our extensive transition program ensures students are given many opportunities to visit our school and participate in a range of activities prior to commencing Year 11.

Strong links with Whyalla High and Stuart High Schools enable us to facilitate a number of transition events. Edward John Eyre High School’s Student Voice visits the 8-10 schools to share their experiences and support the transition process by answering questions and concerns of prospective students. Throughout the year, all Year 10 students will participate in a number of transition days, where they experience lessons and activities at Edward John Eyre High School and meet other new students in a classroom setting. Students meet their Home Group Teacher and class teachers for the following year, as they follow their Year 11 timetable. We have found that students enjoy this program and quickly feel comfortable and familiar with the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of our school.

We provide the opportunity for students to get to know each other by enjoying fun activities aimed at cooperative learning and team building in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Coupled with the nature of the program and the interaction between students, we achieve positive results by helping to develop self-esteem, self-acceptance and confidence. By the time students actually start Year 11, most feel quite at home in their new surroundings.

Often questions arise about the transition process. We would love to be able to answer your questions and put your mind at rest. Students and their families are invited to visit Edward John Eyre High school to talk to our teachers and staff and take a tour of our facilities. Bookings for a Principal’s Tour can be made at the Front Office, on 8645 7677. Alternatively, you can direct your queries to Student Services.