Whyalla Schools Stage Band

The Whyalla Schools Stage Band is made up of the elite music students from Edward John Eyre High School, Whyalla High School and Stuart High School, and occasionally students from Whyalla’s primary schools. It is an afterhours, co-curricular activity which supports the development of ensemble skills nurtured through classroom music programs in years 8 to 12.

The Stage Band provides a fabulous learning opportunity for young people to study with students who have similar interests and abilities. Specialist music teachers ensure that quality instruction is provided, so that students achieve a high degree of musical skills and knowledge, as well as the strongest motivation and aptitude for development. Their passion is to help students reach their full potential within comprehensive secondary school settings.

The Whyalla Schools Stage Band promotes self-confidence and achievement of personal excellence in music, enabling confident participation in music within the school and the wider community. They perform at a range of functions and local events, including assemblies, open days, fundraisers and the annual Showcase. They often give performances at primary schools, designed to educate students about instrumental tuition and high school music programs offered in Whyalla’s public schools, inspiring students to pursue pathways in music education.

Students are prompted to respond to the changing nature and methodologies of Australian society and education, showcasing their talents in regional and state-wide competitions such as Generations in Jazz. The Whyalla Schools Stage Band also collaborates with other bands around regional South Australia, learning combined pieces and giving performances for families and friends.

Each year the Whyalla Schools Stage Band embarks on a tour, where they perform to audiences in selected locations. Past tours have included metropolitan and regional South Australia, from Pt Lincoln and Streaky Bay, to Cleve, through to Adelaide and Mount Gambier in the South of Australia. Through fundraising and donations from local businesses, they have also traveled interstate to Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. In 2015 they visited the Riverland.