Our Students

Staff at Edward John Eyre High School acknowledge the uniqueness of all students and are committed to developing a flexible continuum of support to meet their individual needs.

Strategies implemented to ensure learner wellbeing include:

  • Smaller class sizes, study supervision and individual tutoring;
  • Student Support Officers providing one on one support where students have additional needs;
  • Negotiated Learning Plans and Individual Learning Plans;
  • Differentiated learning and assessment tasks tailored to meet individual needs;
  • Community Mentoring Program;
  • Qualified School Counsellor providing extensive support for students with additional needs in relation to mental health and wellbeing;
  • Student Welfare Worker;
  • Year 11 and 12 Co-ordinators diligently overseeing student attendance and engagement;
  • Staff providing consistent communication with parents and caregivers about expectations, assessment tasks, progress and grades;
  • Alternative Learning Centre;
  • Aboriginal Education Centre.

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