Trade Training and Technology Centre (TTC)

We are very proud of the achievements of our students in our recently re-developed Trade Training and Technology Centre. Our students have the opportunity to select from a broad range of subjects to complete their SACE and Vocational Educational Training (VET). These subjects include the traditional trades and skills development in the metal, wood and construction areas, as well as computer aided design and manufacturing and digital photography.

Our metal and woodwork facilities are equipped with up-to-date, modern, industrial size and quality machinery that supports a realistic educational experience and training for our students. Our students are supported by specialist trained staff who teach the necessary skills and provide contextual experiences to facilitate a smooth transition from school to further training or employment. The dedicated computing facility is used for researching, planning and designing of projects. Students use specialised software including CAD (AutoDESK Inventor™) in the designing and planning process. Other programs allow our students to access a number of 3D printers and a CNC mill to produce prototypes. Digital photography is also delivered in this space using digital SLR cameras and Photoshop.