Information Technology (IT)

Students at Edward John Eyre High School enjoy 1:1 access to computers and iPads in up-to-date computing facilities and classrooms. There is a well-established, comprehensive network in place, giving students Wi-Fi and wired access to a number of servers allowing the sharing and retrieving of information. Coupled with DECD web-filters, full-time Network Administrators and experienced IT teaching staff we ensure students get the maximum benefit from these facilities while safeguarding your child’s use of IT. Our designated Multi-Media facilities are equipped with industry standard software packages and innovative IT software, enabling students to pursue graphic design (desktop publishing/digital photography), computer animation (3D and 2D) and other computer arts (Game Design). Our goal is to enable our students to meet the demands for computer literacy in their future academic and professional pursuits.

Sentral, our Learner Management System (LMS), allows students and parents (2017) to contact teachers, retrieve assignment sheets and homework and access assessment results at school and at home, using any web-enabled device. In addition, teachers are using other internal modules of the LMS to help us better support students in their chosen pathways.