Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Vocational Education and Training at EJEHS

Edward John Eyre High School (EJEHS) works in partnership with TAFE SA to deliver over fifteen courses at Certificate II and Certificate III qualifications as part of its commitment to Vocational Education. Vocational Education and Training (VET) enables students to acquire skills and knowledge for work through a nationally recognised industry-developed training package or accredited course.

Undertaking VET may benefit students’ exploration of a variety of career pathways; it is not just reserved for a pathway within the trades (e.g. plumbing, automotive, and construction). Students can complete VET qualifications in a diverse range of industries, including Business Administration, Veterinary Nursing, Aged Care, or Sport and Recreation.

VET is designed to expand opportunities and pathways for senior secondary students, and improve educational outcomes in line with Edward John Eyre High School’s and the State Government’s objective to increase the number of students achieving their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

All courses are provided through two main delivery models

  1. Online and self-directed – students access the qualification on a regular weekly basis as they would for an Open Access SACE accredited subject
  1. Week Blocks – Students access the qualification on set weeks (identified below) dependant on the duration of course.

In addition students can have up to 3 contact points per week

  1. Study Session – EJEHS students only
  2. TAFE SA facilitated
  3. EJEHS support teacher session – External Student and EJEHS Students

This structure provides an intensive face to face delivery model by TAFE SA lecturers whilst providing additional support outside of these block weeks by EJEHS staff.

Block Weeks Year 1 Block Weeks Year 2
Orientation Wk. 2 Term 1 (Thursday and Friday only)

Block 1      Wk. 9 Term 1 (Monday to Friday)

Block 2      Wk. 5 Term 2 (Monday to Friday)

Block 3      Wk. 2 Term 3 (Monday to Friday)

Block 4      Wk. 9 Term 3 (Monday to Friday)

Block 5     Wk. 2 Term 4 (only for Trade based qualification)

Block 1     Wk. 9 Term 1 (Monday to Friday)

Block 2     Wk. 5 Term 2 (Monday to Friday)

Block 3     Wk. 2 Term 3 (Monday to Friday)

Block 4     Wk. 9 Term 3 (Monday to Friday)


Students who undertakes a VET course are required to complete a minimum of 35 hours of work placement in a relevant industry sector to their VET course.  Some courses will require a higher amount of work placement which will be specified in the course descriptor, for example; Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care requires 120 hours of Work Placement which will be organised by TAFE SA. For all other work placement you will be supported through the Trade School or your home school.

The majority of VET courses have a cost associated for either TAFE SA costs, personal protective equipment, tools or travel. Please check the course descriptions at the back of the handbook for indicative course costs. EJEHS enrolled students will be required to cover the costs as identified in the course descriptors. Students and Parents/Caregiver will be required to sign a commitment to pay form as part of the subject selection process.  Enrolment into their chosen program cannot occur until this form is completed. Payment plans with both TAFE SA and EJEHS can be negotiated.

Completed Certificate III (or higher) will contribute to 1 subject in the calculation of an Australian Territory Admissions Ranking (ATAR)*. *must check the SACE web site to ensure the Certificate III qualification will convert to stage 2 credit and contribute to an ATAR.

For further information visit www.tradeschoolsforthefuture.sa.edu.au or contact Karen Skinner 0437 062 547

 A detailed outline of available VET courses in 2018 can be found in the VET Handbook 2018, which can be downloaded below.

EJEHS 2018 VET Handbook

A detailed outline of individual course information can be downloaded below.

EJEHS Certificate II Automotive Servicing Technology TAFE HR

EJEHS Certificate II Construction Pathways TAFE HR

EJEHS Certificate II Electrotechnology Career Start TAFE HR

EJEHS Certificate II Engineering TAFE HR

EJEHS Certificate II Music_TAFE_HR

EJEHS Certificate II Salon Assistant TAFE HR

EJEHS Certificate III in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)_TAFE HR

EJEHS Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance HLT33015_TAFE_HR

EJEHS Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing)_TAFE HR

EJEHS Certificate III in Health Services Assistance_HR

EJEHS Certificate III Fitness_TAFE HR

EJEHS Certificate III Sport and Recreation_TAFE HR

EJEHS Certificate III Media_TAFE HR

Industry Pathways Program flyer final

Pre Industry Pathways Program Trial