Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Vocational Education at EJEHS

Edward John Eyre High School works in close partnership with local education providers in the delivery of Vocational Education Training (VET) Programs. In many instances EJEHS has been a lead school in the initiation and development of such courses, to cater for the flexibility and individual programs required for our students. VET programs have been designed to give students the ability to study a pathway in their chosen career and count credits towards their SACE completion.

Changes in funding arrangements and initiatives such as WorkReady have changed the face of VET delivery, with students now accessing TAFE courses directly either by on-line learning, face to face delivery, Video Conference linkup and EJEHS teacher support. Most of the courses are offered at the local Whyalla Campus through our agreements with TAFE.

Edward John Eyre High, in conjunction with TAFESA, have negotiated block placements for many of our VET programs. In providing these block placements we reduce the impact of students missing classes on a regular basis, supporting their enrolment in other subjects.

Block Placements for 2017
Thursday and Friday    Week 2       Term 1        Induction
Monday to Friday         Week 9       Term 1
Monday to Friday         Week 5       Term 2
Monday to Friday         Week 6       Term 3

Under the Training Guarantee for SACE Students (TGSS), Certificate courses are normally fully funded at a Certificate II level; however, there may be some incidental fee(s) for the course. Certificate III courses will incur a cost at $2.20 per nominal hour and $0.85 for concession holders per nominal hour. This fee is 100% the responsibility of the student/parents/caregivers and is outlined during enrolment and interview processes. The costs of these courses are either TGSS funded or non TGSS funded, and are identified in the subject descriptors.

For certificates that are not TGSS funded, the student/parents/caregivers are 100% responsible for the full fee of the course, as set out during enrolment procedures.

TGSS funding eligibility requires:
Students to be 16 years old at the beginning of each semester that the course runs.
Students need to have completed relevant work placement related to their course.

In cases of hardship, part-payments can be negotiated with TAFE. For courses where fees are levied by the school, payments can also be made by instalments. Further details about costings for specific courses are outlined in the subject descriptors.