Industry Pathways Program

Industry Pathways Program

The Industry Pathways Program is a two-year pathway for students interested in the industries of automotive, construction, electrotechnology or engineering. The Industry Pathways program exposes students to these industrial areas and gives them the skills to develop required knowledge to follow a career in their chosen industry. The ultimate goal of this program is for students to develop knowledge, skills and key industry links in order to have the best opportunity to gain an apprenticeship within their chosen field. The pathway also ensures SACE completion if this is not to occur.

Students wishing to take part within this program should have completed the following:
– Work placement within one or more industries inclusive of Automotive, Construction, Electrotechnology or Engineering
– Passing grade for PLP
– Passing grade for English at Year 10
– Passing grade for Maths at Year 10

To enter the Industry Pathways Program the student must complete a written application as well as an interview. The recommended knowledge will be taken into account when determining if a student’s application is accepted or not.

Cost (not factoring in subject material levies and Certificate course costs)
Pre-Industry overalls $70
Safety Glasses $3
White Card Training $80
First Aid $90 Total $243

By the end of the two year Industry Pathways Program, providing all subjects have been passed, students will achieve their SACE as well as a completed Certificate II within their chosen field.

This program does not support students gaining their ATAR for entry into University. If students do wish to enter University after they complete this program they will be required to sit a STAT test.

Program Structure

Year 11

Stage 1 Trade English
Stage 1 Trade Mathematics
Stage 1 Trade Science
Stage 1 Workplace Practices
Stage 1 Wood Construction
Stage 1 Metal Construction
Certificate II in either Automotive, Construction, Electrotechnology or Engineering

Year 12

Stage 2 Trade English
Stage 2 Trade Mathematics
Stage 2 Workplace Practices
Stage 2 Integrated Learning –  Industry
Specific Practical Program


Curriculum Considerations
Students undertake extensive structured work placements within this program. This exposes students to a range of industries, helping them make an informed decision of their career pathway. Following this, work placement reinforces the development of practical skills aligned with their certificate studies.

Industry Pathways Certificate II studies

As part of the Industry Pathways Program, students undertake Certificate II studies in the areas of automotive, construction, electrotechnology or engineering pathways. These Certificate II courses are delivered in semester 2 of Stage 1, and continue to completion in semester 1 of Stage 2. To be eligible to study Certificate II, students must have achieved a passing grade in all semester 1 Industry Pathway subjects. Students completing a Certificate II are required to attend TAFE SA at least one day per week.

Further information for each of the Certificate II offerings (including costs and SACE/VET attainment) can be found under Vocational, Education and Training.