Flexible Learning Centre (FLC)

The Flexible Learning Centre offers an inclusive and non-discriminating full time flexible learning program for students who have disengaged from the more structured learning classroom but who still want to complete their SACE. The FLC offers a variety of stage 1 and 2 subjects and certificate courses. The FLC caters for a diverse range of students, who are referred when staff have identified that a flexible learning program would be appropriate.

The FLC is located at Edward John Eyre High School and can be found in the top wing of the main building. At the FLC we have social workers and case managers to help build relationships with the students and improve wellbeing and to engage in their learning. The teaching staff along with the case managers utilise innovative and flexible learning approaches whilst also focusing on developing the social and emotional capabilities of each student. This relationship between wellbeing and learning is vital in raising engagement and attainment to increase a student’s chance of future employment and success.

FLC staff understand that it is important to provide education that suits individual learning styles. Learning is focused around the individual needs of the students and progress is carefully documented and monitored. Students, in conjunction with their teachers and case manager, have a learning plan that they will update as they reach their learning and wellbeing goals or reassess and make new goals in line with their needs.

All subjects are SACE accredited and students receive support and assistance to engage with the subjects. Utilising a timetable with a mix of theoretical and practical subjects, students are supported to complete their SACE. Students can also engage in other learning including courses run through the TAFE and other registered training organisations that allow them to complete Certificate I, II or III.

Some of the FLC students will study from home, or attend the support class, and are supported by case managers who visit on a regular basis. Case managers conduct weekly meetings with the students, which consist of reassessing learning and wellbeing goals using such tools as the Flexible Learning Transition Plan, supporting social-emotional development and addressing the barriers to school retention and engagement. Case managers also provide support by making referrals to community programs and services.

The goal of the FLC is to provide innovative, flexible and supportive strategies to enable students to achieve their best. Positive learning experiences build self-confidence and esteem in students, assisting them to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.