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I feel supported by the teachers when planning my future and career pathways… they provide me with all the information I need to know which subjects are the best for me in achieving my goal of attending university.

Natalee | Year 11 Student

Being a part of the e-mentoring program has connected me with a mentor who has helped me to plan both short-term and long-term goals, and realise my future aspirations. Being connected to the university community has provided me with valuable insights into tertiary education; I am determined to complete all challenges heading my way.

Jamie | Year 11 Student

We have access to a range of technologies to support our learning such as laptops, cameras and iPads, as well as specialist music, design and programming software. It makes our learning relevant to the 21st century.

Greg | Year 11 Student

I love how students come together at Edward John Eyre High School… you meet new friends, but also reconnect with old friends.

Rachael | Year 11 Student

Edward John Eyre High School has shown me that friends and maintaining a healthy balance in year 12 is important… we are shown how to value wellbeing as well as success.

Nicola | Year 12 Student